Florent Tanet
The Objects of Nonchalance, 2023

I was interested in what happens in the most trivial of events: everyday life.
We tend to remember everything that is extraordinary or spectacular. But what happens the rest of the time, in the most banal everyday events, in the ordinary, the background noise, the usual?
So I set out to observe what goes on as close to me as possible, in the most common and usual places. I looked at what was in my pockets, in my day-to-day life or as part of my routine.  
In "l'infra ordinaire / infra-ordinary", George Perec suggests taking stock of what's in our pockets, in our bags. Questioning the origin, use and future of each object.
A packet of handkerchiefs, till receipts, screws and bolts, jumper lint, fruit labels, sandwich wrappers, a clementine peel, a mountain of small coins, an artist's handkerchief - all the most trivial and banal things are at the bottom of my pockets without my having paid any attention to them.
Each object reveals a way of being, my obsessions, manias and habits.
It is by questioning what is there in front of us or with us every day, but which we no longer see, that we can rediscover the first astonishment of discovery.
The surprise of a theatre of the everyday and of what tends to disappear.

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