Florent Tanet
Customer also viewed, 2019

In collaboration with Eli Serres - Texte: Isabella Seniuta

CUSTOMERS ALSO VIEWED is a series of photographs and installations that show the impact of commercial imagery on our contemporary world. In their proposals, Florent Tanet and Eli Serres question the notion of packshot and the place of the object of everyday life.
The result is a series in an appropriate approach that sometimes reproduces market images in exactly the same way. The objects photographed and installed are both individual finds and objects purchased as part of their professions for the advertising sector. Florent Tanet and Éli Serres question the usefulness of online product sales sites, between detestation for the economic model they represent and fascination for these libraries of images and objects that feed their creations.
The series of works parodies the commercial imagery and also highlights Swiss army knife objects that border on the absurd. By reinterpreting the aesthetics of packshot and online sales site visuals, they are helping to redefine the status of commercial imagery in the field of contemporary artistic photography.

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